Call of Duty Ghosts Hack (2016)

Our Call of Duty Ghosts Hack will also work on all platforms. The release of new generation consoles has caused developers to really improve graphics of the game. The old engine (which was first used in Quake III) will be finally replaced with a new one, dedicated to the Call of Duty series. It hasn’t really got a name yet and is being called “the new Call of Duty engine”.

Call Of Duty Ghosts Hack Features :

Aim-bot Hack
Wall Hack
Speed Hack
No Reload
No Recoil
Spawn Weapon
Teleport Hack
Health Hack
Instant Kill
Armor Hack
Auto Fire
Fly Hack
God Mode
Create Lobby Hacked
Strike Package
Kick Players
Mute Players Globally
Multiplatform : PC/Xbox360/PS3/PS4/XboxOne


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